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iPad Kiosks: Uses and benefits

Posted on: 26-11-2013
Written by: Dzann

iPads are pretty amazing. One can carry a hand-held tablet with amazing computer power and be able to do all the activities on the go, which might not have been possible in the past. This concept has apparently taken the world by storm and is a rage among the younger generation. And such a high demand has propelled many tech companies to launch their own tabs and accessories to support them. Inspite of all the competition and plethora of choices, iPads still remain the most popular tablets. What have been a telling point of these devices and the testimony of their value is how these devices have empowered many trade exhibitors and brick and mortar companies to demonstrate their products in an engaging way. Having tabs mounted on KIOSKS stands deployed in your showrooms or exhibitions gives you a contemporary edge and  helps the potential customers to better connect with the products and drive more sales.

This article explores the new and innovative way to use iPads in everyday business transaction.

So how exactly can you make use of the iPad KIOSK?

And why would you want one?

If you find it difficult in getting information to people in an efficient manner at a tradeshow or want to interact with potential customers in an entertaining manner, an iPad Kiosk might just be the answer. If your goal fit in with these needs, an iPad Stand might just be the ticket.

The following list serves a primer on how to make use of kiosks to make an interactive session with your clients and drive more sales.

·         Live Product Demos - Ipads mounted on stands are very convenient to showcase your product.  A visitor stops and with a few touches gets a better appraisal of the product. It could be very informative about the product’s quality and demonstrate what the benefits are there to avail to meet their needs.

·         Photograph Albums - People love photographs. This probably explains the success of photo sharing applications like Flickr and Instagram. One can leverage the technology to demonstrate how the products are made or how can they be used in a efficient manner. The sleek design and interactive interface makes this process entertaining and arouse curiosity.

·         Sign Up Letters – You can employ these devices to solicit visitor’s information or contact details. Set up a sign up letter on the interface and gain maximum leads.

·         Survey – The iPad kiosks can be used for surveys. So if you want to do some market research and or get more insights about your niche, install a Kiosk at your next tradeshow and get an edge over your peers.

These are just few example of how tradeshow exhibitors can rope in more customers, leverage the information and make higher profits. Can you come up with some more?

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